TSW Builders

about our company

Founded in 2002 by Tom Ware, TSW Builders is backed by over two decades of proven construction and project management expertise. Our goal is to minimize interruptions to your day-to-day business, and provide ongoing support and maintenance to your structure. Through careful planning and implementation, we’re able to ensure a seamless flow of work in a safe and productive environment.

At TSW Builders, our belief is that excellent work is the direct result of careful planning and execution. As a result, we take special precautions to pre-qualify, continually evaluate and improve the work of employees, subcontractors, suppliers and vendors. Through these habits, we are able to ensure the exceptional quality of our work, products and services while continually fostering an atmosphere of teamwork. TSW Builder’s passion for excellence in client satisfaction results in skillful work, positive attitudes and extremely satisfied repeat clients.